John Pegan

John Pegan is a California attorney with over 25-years’ experience in human resources,legal consulting and litigation, mediation, negotiations, education and training. He focuses his practice on mediation, arbitration, human resource and employment related investigations and hearings, and counseling.

He has over 11 years’ experience as a human resources director and labor relations analyst with non-profits, local governments, and community college; he is a credentialed CA teacher and adjunct instructor in law, he has lectured at the UCLA-USC East-West Institute, the Chinese Supreme Court and Shanghai Appellate Court, and taught law at Nankai University in China.

He assisted a private K-12 school as its WASC accreditation coordinator, handled hundreds of negotiations, mediations and arbitrations. Mr. Pegan draws upon his diverse background in the arts, theatre, communications theory, psychology and education to advise, mediate, investigate or hold hearings for academic, governmental or non-profit employers. He can help you with your investigation, hearing, mediation or arbitration needs. See the attached resume and blog for more details, or check out his postings on FlipBoard.

You can find out more about John on Linkedin or flip through his resume.

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